Genres and Themes

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CAPTIVITY, NARRATIVES OF: Barber, Cabeza de Vaca, Dickinson, El Inca Garcilaso, Escalante Fontaneda, Godfrey, Ore, Smith

Catholicism (see religion)

CHRONICLES/RELATIONS: Cabeza de Vaca, Le Challeux, Fidalgo de Elvas, Garcilaso de la Vega, Kimber, Ranjel, Hernández de Biedma, Las Casas; see Explorers-Invaders

circulation, textual (see translation/transmission): Godfrey, Herrera y Tordesillas, Martyr d’Anghiera, Ore, Paiva

conversion, religious: Ore, Escobedo, Paiva, Pareja; see also Native Americans

De Soto, Hernando: see Chronicles-Relations; see also Explorers-Invaders page

environment, portrayals of: Bartram (John), Bartram (William), de Brahm, Flores, “Have You Not Heard of Florida?,” Herrera y Tordesillas, Hutchins, Jarvis, Kimber, Ribault, Romans, Stork; see also alligators, exoticism, NATURAL HISTORY, storms

exchange, cultural: Cabeza de Vaca, Escalante Fontaneda, Escobedo, El Inca Garcilaso, Laudonniere, Le Moyne, Paiva, Ore, Pareja, Escobedo, Dickinson, Hinachuba, Bartram (William)

exchange, linguistic: Cabeza de Vaca, Dickinson, Pareja

exoticism: Castellanos, Chateaubriand, “Have you not heard of Florida?,” Martyr d’Anghiera; Thevet; see also “fountain of youth”

FICTION: Chateaubriand, Howison

fountain of youth: Castellanos, Flores, Escalante Fontaneda, Herrera y Tordesillas, Martyr d’Anghiera, Simms

GEOGRAPHY: de Brahm, Hutchins, Romans, Stork

HISTORY: Herrera y Tordesillas, El Inca Garcilaso, Ranjel

MEMOIR/BIOGRAPHY: Allen, Hammon, Jarvis, Laudonniere, Le Moyne, Le Challeux, Pilot, see also, CAPTIVITIES, CHRONICLES-RELATIONS

native americans, portrayals of: Barber, Bartram (William), Castellanos, Chateaubriand, Dickinson, Escobedo, El Inca Garcilaso, Godfrey, Jarvis, Las Casas, Le Moyne, “Seminole War Poetry,” Smith; see also, native americans, religion of; Explorers-Invaders, Encounters

native americans, religion of: Cabeza de Vaca, Escobedo, Le Moyne, Ore, Paiva, Pareja

NATURAL HISTORY: Bartram (John), Bartram (William), Hutchins, Romans, Stork


Paradise: “Have You Not Heard of Florida?,” Ribault; see, exoticism

PETITIONS: Cabeza de Vaca (Joint Report), Hinachuba, “Request to the King

POETRY, BROADSIDE: Sheelah; HISTORICAL, Castellanos, Galvez, Le Challeux, Lescarbot, Seall, Simms, Flores; IDYLLIC; “Have You Not Heard of Florida?,” Baxter; RELIGIOUS: Escobedo

religion, as source of conflict: Cabeza de Vaca, Ore

religion, conversion: Paiva, Pareja; see also, native americans)

religion, and reform: Hinachuba, Las Casas; Slave Songs of the United States

shipwrecks: Allen, Cabeza de Vaca, Dickinson, Laudonniere, “Sheelah,” Escalante Fontaneda

slavery (African): Bartram, Dickinson, Godfrey, Hammon, Howison, Menendez; Slave Songs of the United States

storms:  Allen, Cabeza de Vaca, Laudonniere, Ribault, “Sheelah

suffering (privation): Allen, Barber, Cabeza de Vaca, Castellanos, Le Challeux, Dickinson, Escalante Fontaneda, Hammon, Hinachuba, Kimber, Ore, “Request to the King,” Smith

translation: Cabeza de Vaca, El Inca Garcilaso, Hinachuba, Ore, Paiva, Pareja

TRAVEL: Bartram (John), Bartram (William), Dickinson, Le Challeux, Hawkins, Kimber, Ribault, “Sheelah,Thevet; see also, Explorers-Invaders