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“Early Visions of Florida” was last revised in December 2017. Comments, corrections, or suggestions may be directed to the editor: thallock[at]mail.usf.edu.

Initial support for “Early Visions of Florida” came from the Florida Humanities Council. The project remains student. Contributors include Peter J. Morrone and James Everett (University of Mississippi), Deborah L. Bauer (University of South Florida), and the following from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg: Natasa Andzic, Bernadette DiBlasio, John Faiell, Susan Hodgins, Victoria Iuliucci, Rebecca Kielty, Jennifer Merrigan, Adam Parker, Michael Sadler, Devin Vinson, Amelia Zimmerman (2010); Alisa Abreu-Roberts, Gail Busjahn, Samantha Caldwell, Valerie Lanham, Mikaela Perron, Preston Roberts, Keith Lewis Simmons, Amelia Zimmerman (2011); Krista Coker, Nicole Fritz, Katherine Godfrey, Alison Hardage, Michelle Hendrix Patterson, Tiffany Owen, Shelbey Rosengarten, Michael Sadler, Rachel Sanderson, Heather Wiseman, Christopher Wood (2013); Rebecca Carlo, Nicole Darbois, Jared Dimaggio, Layne Farmen, Rebecca Givens, Hannah Gorski, Marcus Jowers, Devin Pallone, Michael Sadler, Michelle Sonnenberg, Arielle Stevenson, Jonathan Tharin (2015); Alison Hardage, Leah Hart, Mahisa Henry, Catherine Johnston, Jay Looney, Tami Toms, Petronella Van Doorn, Samantha Wong (2017).

Thanks to friends and colleagues who have reviewed sections of this site in its various incarnations: Kristina Bross (Purdue University), Jack Davis (University of Florida), Jonathan DeCoster (Otterbein University), Michael Drexler (Bucknell University), Jerald Milanich (Florida Museum of Natural History), Zabelle Stodola (University of Arkansas Little Rock), E. Thomson Shields (East Carolina University), Nicole Tonkovich (University of California, San Diego), Lisa Voigt (Ohio State University). For more information about the project, including a justification, see Thomas Hallock, “Think Globally, Dig Locally: Pedagogy and the Archive in Early Florida Literature,” (Camino Real 2:3 [2010]).